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Tai Chi combines soft, slow and firm movements to engage the body and mind to restore the balance of Yin Yang and Qi (life) energy in order to increase strength and energy, which will help improve your health and well being.

Born out of a passion for martial arts & wellness as well as travelling around the world, I started my journey in Feng Sau Kung Fu/Tai Chi Chuan Li Style at the age of 16. Thereafter I studied karate Shotokan 4th Dan & Aikijijutsu reaching 3rd Dan.

Instructor Vikash Bhurtun:
Tai Chi was a major influence that led me towards ShaolinChuan/TaiChiChuan 108 style where I obtained a black belt following some 30 years of practising and teaching together. My destiny brought me to meet Master Hiroo Mochizuki who personally introduced me to Yoseikan Budo to understand "Silk Reeling" or Modulation which significantly improved my skills. Recently awarded black belt 1st Dan International Instructor Nihon Budo Watanabe Ryu.

Now that I have converged this passion with the teachings of Dr Paul Lam & his Master Trainers I look forward to sharing my humble experience to empower health in others. So let us all embark upon this wonderful journey as Tai Chi is an art of peace & love.

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